'Grey's Anatomy' shocking death

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The internet went crazy after watching 'Grey's Anatomy'.

The plot twist shocked us! They killed off Derek Shepherd the main character. If you have not watched the episode we recommend you have tissues with you.

Derek Shepherd is played by Patrick Dempsey who has been on since the first episode.

As a long time fan of 'Grey's Anatomy' there has been many deaths throughout the seasons. But this death hit everyone hard. Viewers were shocked because he was not on the show for a while.He then came back for a couple episode and was killed off.

' Grey's Anatomy has been on for eleven seasons, and is ready to start on season twelve. According to Zap2it, they will be back for a twelfth season which will not be there last because they still would like to keep going on with the show.

A petition was set up to Bring Derek Shepherd back. The petition was set up by fan of the show named Courtney Williams from Snellville, Georgia.

Anyone is able sign to petition on the Change.Org website. The petition already has 103,943 supporters. They need 46, 057 more to reach the goal of 150,000.

People who sign the petition can leave comments. One of the most popular comments on the pages is from a fan named Carrie Denny from Johnson City, Tennessee who commented that the show meant a lot to her.

     "I am 40 years old & have been a loyal viewer since S1E1. Grey's has been my escape through the years. It's seen me through divorce, career changes, nursing school, and --- currently ---- cancer. It was like a trusted friend that I could count on to cheer me up once a week & forget about my problems. No more."

Change.Org website
Many fans were outraged of how the episode what shot and how it ended. They hated the episode.

Dempsey was not in some of the episodes and fans started to question what was going on.

      “If something will happen to Derek I don’t know if I can still look forward to more episodes,” wrote one fan. 

Another fan wrote on his Facebook page, “I have never missed one episode but I swear if Rhimes kills you off I’m done.”

Fans tweeted their feeling about the whole situation of Derek being killed off.

The creator of the show hasn't said much about what happened. She only issued a statement to EW:

     “I never imagined saying goodbye to our ‘McDreamy’—then again, none of us here at Grey’s Anatomy imagined any of the many journeys this show has taken us on. Now, Meredith and I are about to enter uncharted territory as we head into this new chapter of her life.”

Dempsey mentions that his job took a toll on his children. He said he would work for "10 months, 15 hours a day." His children would ask him if he was working a certain day and he would never know.

     " Doing that for 11 years is challenging…. What I would like to do is focus on not being spread so thin. Those days are over.”

Even though his death shocked us all. It seems like Dempsey thought it was time for his character to end after eleven seasons.